The National Dress (“Kroji”) of each village in Czechoslovakia will vary. Also, there is a marked difference in the dress of Moravia, Slovaikia, and Czech. Each woman will have several different dresses.

Colors and materials will vary from village to village. The clothing of each village and area is representative of Czechoslovakia. The bonnets or caps say that the girl is married. If she wears flowers in her hair, then she is single and ready for ‘picking’. Long plumes of feathers in a man’s cap indicate he is single; but, if the feathers are short, then he has been ‘plucked’ and is married. Also, some say each feather indicated a girlfriend.

The Czech woman’s clothing is a white blouse with very full color. The skirt is a solid, dark color. The bodice vest will probably be black. All items are heavily embroidered with cutwork and trim. The cap has a very large bow in back. The Moravian clothing for women is a white blouse with very full sleeves which may be pleated. The apron is a dark, and sometimes white, material which is heavily embroidered with colorful cutwork. Flowers are worn in the hair with very long ribbon streamers and the cap has colorful embroidery on it, with perhaps a brim. The Slovakian women wear white blouses with very full sleeves and the embroidery is of many colors and much cutwork. Their caps are decorated with small flowers and short ribbons. Sometimes their skirts are of print fabric. The vest will be of a bright color with heavy trim. Sashes are worn over the apron.